Public Goods Jalapeño Bloody Mary Mix

Public Goods Jalapeño Bloody Mary Mix

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When it comes to morning cocktails, there’s nothing more classic than the bloody mary. Spicy, savory, maybe a little sour, adorned with celery, cucumbers, pickles -- however you like to dress your bloody up, our mix is a delicious, all-natural way to start. Ripe tomatoes, bright jalapeños, zippy lime juice, and savory spices; our premium bloody mary mix pairs well with any liquor you prefer -- or none at all.

What’s in it: All natural tomato puree, lime juice, fresh jalapeño, savory spices, sea salt.

What’s not in it: Artificial preservatives, gluten. It’s all good: This product is made with all-natural and gluten free ingredients. Product of USA.

Full ingredients: Purified water, tomato puree, fresh garlic, fresh jalapenos, fresh red onion, black pepper, sea salt, lime juice, beet juice, celery seed, ground mustard seed and citric acid. Nutritional facts+- Servings: 10.66, serving size: 3 fl oz (89ml).