Girl Meets Dirt Bitters
Girl Meets Dirt Bitters

Girl Meets Dirt Bitters

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As naturally made as it can get, we macerate all the wee sticks and stems left behind from our preserving process in a locally distilled apple spirit and then age them in brandy barrels.

Dames highlights the heritage orchards we’re honored to work with - apple and pear trees that have been producing abundance for over a century. We adorn them with aromatics (orange zest and fir tips) and let a barrel and time do its thing. Barrel aged, floral and bitter, with no added sugar.

Peach Tree Bitters highlights the simplicity of the whole fruit, and the surprise flavor a humble pit can provide. We tease out the flavor with orchard aromatics (dandelion root and Madrona wood) and let an apple brandy barrel and time do the rest.

50ml / Contains alcohol / 40% abv

Handmade on Orcas Island

Made in United States of America