Rednecker Than You Soy Candle

Rednecker Than You Soy Candle

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REDNECKER THAN YOU CANDLE  With a honest and earthy scents, basic amber glass jar and humorous label, our Rednecker Than You Candle is the perfect funny gift for those country folk!

Vegan   ·   Newly Upgraded   ·   Biodegradable   ·   Wood Wick   ·   Clean Burn -  Zero Toxins/Pollutants/Petro-Carbon Soot

SCENT DESCRIPTION A unique blend of distinctly redneck scents: bailed hay, freshly chopped wood, gasoline, and sawdust

DETAILS  * Hand-poured in small batches * 100% Soy Wax * Derived from soy beans - a vegan friendly renewable resource * Biodegradable and water soluble * Burns cleaner with zero petro-carbon soot * Burns 30% - 50% longer than traditional paraffin waxes * Burn time = 80 hours * Generous 8 oz pour, Amber glass jar + lid.

Made in Washington