Public Goods Reusable Cleansing Rounds

Public Goods Reusable Cleansing Rounds

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Our reusable cleansing rounds are an eco-friendly way to wipe away the day. Each set comes with 14 bamboo rounds that can be rotated and used over and over again. Great for removing makeup, toning your skin, and reducing puffiness (wet and freeze the rounds before placing them over your eye area for a cooling eye treatment). When you're ready to renew your rounds simply put them inside of their mesh bag and machine wash. Our cleansing rounds are an easy sustainable swap for the ubiquitous, bleached cotton balls and rounds available in stores.

How to Use: Apply a modest amount of your favorite skincare product(s) to the cleansing round. Use to remove makeup, tone, and cleanse. Return used rounds to the mesh bag and wash in the laundry machine. Allow to air-dry. Do not machine-dry with heat.

What’s in it: Rounds: 80% bamboo fiber, 20% polyester. Mesh bag: 100% cotton.

What’s not in it: Phthalates, dyes, BPA, and anything derived from formaldehyde. It’s all good: This product is vegan